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Tools to boost up your essay writing creativity

The quote, "It's none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way" symbolizes how one among the most renowned novelists, Ernest Hemingway, evaluates the worth of creativity within the process of writing, exclusively for the mass. Anyone can write, no doubt, but writing without any aim can result in low quality output, i.e. in the form of imperfect piece of writing. Still, a writer's status in the literary circle may influence the readers because readers expect high quality and innovativeness from a prominent writer. Similarly, students are expected to acquire the basics of writing from their primary classes and gradual improvement during high school education. Instructors expect students in college or university levels to be with enough exposure to language and its basic grammatical structure. So, Masters Students are expected to prepare stunning essays consisting of innovative ideas and with fewer errors.

There are several tools to accelerate one's creativity and to make use of it to back up essay writing. First of all, students must provide equal importance to education and to the duties and responsibilities in their private lives. Unless, knowledge may become useless because it's worth is interconnected with its usability. Why to acquire knowledge without having any proper aim in life? Useless knowledge and can compared with vegetative growth without any development. So, it is important to maintain proper balance between studying and personal life. When a student writer gets a point, he or she is expected to contemplate on it and reproduce it in his or her own words. This can be helpful to write faster and clearer. If not, the proposed piece of writing will be a second or third copy of any other work.

One can see that new techniques are transforming education from traditionalism to modern outlook. This sort of change is irreparable and students and parents must try to realize the fact that there is no return to traditional mode of teaching-learning. Still, the emergence of custom essay writing service is noteworthy because writing in different forms never loses its importance. Students depend upon different ideas to make their finished papers amazing. For instance, they adopt innovative writing strategies to impress the Admissions committees/boards, and track down easy ways to deal with college assignments. If they do not know the tactics to gain mastery over creative writing, they consult the experts in the field. They know that simplified form writing without ignoring the main points can help them to expect better results. They go through several examples of different forms of writing and master writing as a unique art to learn. They know the importance of titles and captions in writing and unused skill is similar to a blunt axe with no use in practical sense. So, writers and students can make use of different tools to accelerate their levels of creativity and to achieve their goals with the help of writing.

1) Make up your masters essay work a champion one

Before attempting to complete a Masters Essay, it is essential to have deeper understanding on the essays related to under-graduate level. To be specific, a Masters Essay is the extended form backed up with extensive research, apart from the crude form of research evident in under-graduate level. One can see that Masters Essay is totally independent because the person who is supposed to complete the same is required to do deep and wide research. A Masters Essay requires mastery over the topic selected for the proposed essay. Arguments must be relevant and with the capacity to generalize and to superimpose to different contexts, but with a unanimous answer. Still, there must be enough space to counter-arguments and the researcher must not neglect the same.

Student is expected to set focus upon a particular area of the subject under discussion in the Masters Paper. In this way, the student gets the chance to prove that his or her knowledge is not limited within the subject under discussion. Instead, the student can prove that he or she is capable to conduct wide and deep research in the target field and unearth facts and evidences backed up with enough examples. Within this scenario, it is important to point out the paper's scope in the introductory part, as a separate section. One can see the instructor expects analytical ability from a Masters student and the paper must act the role of a solid evidence to prove the same. To be specific, the discussion and analysis must be based upon the data and related information collected by the student. On the other side, student must never deviate from the main argument and all the facts presented in the form of data must be used to back up and prove the main argument.

Before dealing the concluding section of a Masters Essay, the student researcher must make sure by double checking that all the arguments are answered with enough evidence. Besides, the main findings must be pointed out in the findings section. If not, the instructor may feel or suspect that the paper is incomplete or is based upon fake research. The concluding section must be used to amass the main points, findings and to rephrase and present the main argument from a different angle. So, student researchers must be ready to realize the fact that a Masters Essay must be based upon extensive research and it must be seen in the paper in the form of data, evidences, and literary products. Abovementioned ideas can help a student researcher to prepare an outstanding Masters Essay by depending upon the fundamental ideas and making use of innovative ideas because instructors expect jaw-dropping ideas from their students, not mere technically perfect monotonous papers.

2) Achieve a study-life balance in academy

Teachers show keen interest to keep proper balance between teaching and personal life because they know that teaching is their profession and personal life is private matter. It is important for teachers to consider teaching as a profession and keep away the same from family matters. Still, some teachers carry their professional responsibilities and related emotional problems to their families and it creates other problems and this may become a cyclic process. When this professional life-private life balance is superimposed into the study-life balance in academy, it can be seen that most students fail to do so. For instance, it is difficult for students to consider learning as a different entity from personal life. They carry their homework to their privacies and it results in the clash between the responsibilities as a student and as a son or daughter.

For an average student, it may not be difficult to divide education and social life. But, they utilize more time for socialization and less time for studies. This irrational mode of division reflects in their marks or grades. On the other side, those who are too interested in studies utilize more time for studies, transform themselves into bookworms and totally neglect socialization. Both the methods/ways are incorrect because the former strategy ignores studies and the latter strategy ignores socialization. Some students provide unneeded importance to extra-curricular activities and this reduces their scope of higher education. Students are expected to consider education as their primary aim and all the other activities must become secondary aims. They are expected to be active in curricular and extra-curricular activities. Similarly, they are expected to be responsible to their private life. If not, proper balancing may not happen and either studies or private life may suffer.

One can see that a student's attempt to make sure proper balance between studies and private life can be helpful in future. This can help to consider education as a long-lasting process, helpful for life altogether, without hesitating to inculcate the elements of recreation and privacy. Students must be ready to realize that there is life beyond the limits of their classrooms and they are expected to deal with the same with courage. Those who did achieve instant success and fame in life may not be able to provide equal importance to privacy and education. Students must realize the fact that instant fame cannot help any individual to sustain success in life because instant fame is temporary. Teachers can play an important role in helping their students to realize the importance of study-life balance in their lives. Besides, curriculum committees can integrate the basic elements of socialization in curriculums and can attract students towards life with an aim.

3) Reason you need to assume and write faster and clearer

How someone is able to write most effectively and what makes their writing different and innovative from others? How they acquired mastery over language and literature? Is it an inbuilt talent or acquired by practice? First of all, think about the process of writing. If a student is asked to write about something related to academics, he or she may consider it as a tiresome burden to deal with. This is not the proper way to deal with a piece of writing. Consider the process of writing as a challenge and try to complete it in an innovative way. Not much interesting, isn't it? So, how can one deal with the process of writing with interest and write faster and clearer? There are several reasons to ponder over the subject matter of a piece of writing and to transform the subject matter of the proposed writing into words and sentences.

Innovative ideas and the retaliation of the same in the form of words can happen at any time, any place, unintentionally. If one is ready to set loose the mind into some strange areas, innovative ideas will flash in. Some ideas may be really innovative, catch them by scribbling down in a notepad or similar object. These points or ideas can be sue later to develop into a 'fully grown' paper. Ideas will not come into mind with no effort and experience, but custom essay writing service can prove helpful in similar situations. For instance, thinking is an effort to unmask or unearth ideas hidden in the depth of the mind. Consider the effort to think as a stone into the silent and stagnant lake. It will create a whirlwind in the mind and shake the hidden ideas. Let some time to settle and come back. Some innovative thought or idea will be floating on the surface of the mind, for sure. The next step is to make use of the thought or idea as the main points and background information can be added later.

Before starting to write, the writer must define the audience and keep in mind the fact that the end product is expected to be evaluated and criticized by the audience. Ponder upon the fact that the expected readers may have basic idea on the target writing and they expect further information on the same. Preparation of the proposed detailing, added with further information, is the responsibility undertaken by the writer, do doubt. Still, the readers may discard an uninteresting piece of writing. So, there must be something interesting to engage the readers in the end product of the writer's tiresome effort. From a different angle of view, writer can make use of imagination derived from the earlier pointed out effort, i.e. contemplation.

4) New techniques that are altering the face of education

The face of education-whether regional, national or global- is undergoing rapid change and progress owing to the development in the field of science and technology. One can see that technological innovation transformed the whole world into a single village, where people from the nook and corner of the world can interact with each other. Earlier, it was an unimaginable fact that people living in distant places can interact with each other by seeing their faces, disregarding the elements of time and space. Nowadays, human beings cannot imagine about a single day living without depending upon technology. Broadly speaking, education is totally under the influence of technology, and the same proves to be a positive impact with several benefits to student community. On the other side, technological innovation within education, especially the influence of the internet and innovative teaching aids, help instructors to inculcate innovation into the core of teaching-learning process.

Now, students from rural areas of the world can gain admission at globally acclaimed universities and related colleges. There are several global universities and educational institutions providing distance education facilities to student community. The certificates awarded after the successful completion of different courses are not different from that of regular students'. Virtual class-rooms equipped with real time interaction can help students to overcome the problem of attendance. Students can interact with their teachers and clear their doubts with ease. Those who were not able to continue their education due to unexpected problems in their lives can continue their education and pursue degrees. This is really innovative because classroom instruction was considered as the integral part of learning. But now, the amalgamation of technology into education is helpful to go beyond the traditional mode of learning.

Writing underwent rapid change because online tests surpassed traditional mode of examination. Now, some universities allow students to attend exams when they are ready to do so. This sort of flexibility helps students to learn on their own according to their ability to perceive and readiness to attend exams. Similarly, online platforms exclusively prepared for educational proposed at colleges and universities help the instructors to assess their students with ease. For instance, teachers ask their students t upload their papers on internet platforms prepared for student assessment. This idea saves valuable time and is efficient. Teachers are not forced to carry the papers prepared by their students and can go through the same at anytime. Nowadays, students can make use of the internet to be in touch with their teachers and can make use of the same to clear their doubts. Besides, students can share their notes and can complete their assignments within limited time interval. So, it is evident that new techniques related to technological innovation are altering the face of education in general.

5) Wondering how to make your writing rocks? Read this!

First of all, writer of any sort of piece of writing must realize the fact that human attention span is minuscule and temporary. Look at small children; they never pay long-term attention to anything. When a new toy is introduced to a child, it will show attention to that toy, but the attention may not be long-lasting. Even classes are arranged hour wise in school college environments because human beings cannot pay attention and sustain the same for a long time. Then, how to attract the readers towards a piece of writing? First of all, going through news reports, one can see that reporters make use of journalistic tactics to deal with the expected readers. They make use of hooks in their titles to attract the readers' attention. They provide the individual reader with hints to the content, but never reveal the content. Now, this tactics is mainly used by online news portals.

Reporters and renowned writers never use familiar words and sentence structure to introduce a new theme, idea, or news to a reader. Why? They know that familiarity is really boring to a reader who skip and scan through pages, in search of interesting topics. Never disclose the full content in the first sentence itself. Still, some background info is essential to sustain the reader's attention, but revelation of the central point in the first paragraph itself cannot bring forth success as a writer. It is not fair to 'beat around the bush' because readers know that there are other interesting topics and the target topic is one among them. The topic must provide the reader with some hints, and the introduction must provide background info. Following paragraph (s) must help the reader to be involved in the process of reading with utmost interest. Long introductions may feel boring to a reader and it is rude to waste the reader's valuable time.

Even pieces of writing with philosophical content can be added with interesting facts. To be specific, readers must be able to feel that the writer is trying to communicate with the reader in a direct way. After creating proper rapport, writer can inculcate personal elements within a piece of writing and relate the same with the central theme under discussion. Some writers share their personal experiences with the readers as examples and generalize the same. Eminent writers try to connect and share their feelings and emotions with the readers in general. This tactics can be successfully adopted and made use in the form of writing. So, all the aforementioned ideas and innovative tactics can transform one's writing into a really interesting piece, throbbing with energy, waiting for an apt reader who can appreciate the same, wholeheartedly!

6) Significant coverts to make your writing look amazing

The effort to add much information, aiming to attract and entertain the reader cannot transform a piece of writing into excellence. To be specific, mere literary perfection cannot attract the readers because the way the piece of writing is presented must be most appealing to the reader. If not, less visual appeal may distract a reader who is interested in the same. One can see that technical and literary perfection added with visual appeal, added with custom essay writing service tips, can help a piece of writing to be popular among the readers. The way a poet composes a poem, filled with aesthetic beauty, correct usage of rhyme scheme, line spacing etc. increases the reader's chance to enjoy the poem in its fullness. Writers depend upon different techniques to make their writing look amazing, some are pointed out and briefly discussed below.

First of all, the unwanted usage of wide spacing between paragraphs is 'a piece of stone inside a shoe'. The person who wears the shoe can keep the stone, no problem. But it can create itching like feeling. Similarly, unwanted spacing is not a serious issue, but it reduces visual appeal of a piece of writing. Besides, wide space distracts the reader form entering the next paragraph and may stop the process of reading as a whole. If the writer or the editor provides ample importance to visual appeal of a piece of writing, he or she may take apt measures to rectify the problems related to lien spacing. This sort of initiative from the writer/editor can save the completed work/paper from 'intending' problems. Some writers leave some space at the opening of a paragraph. This sort of leaving space at the beginning of a paragraph is generally used to denote the opening of a new sentence. If enough space is left between two sentences, there is no need to leave further space at the opening of each paragraph because it creates unwanted blank spaces.

Similarly, some writers/bloggers use non-familiar fonts in their literary works, trying to prove that they are different from others. Students imitate the same pattern, but teachers never tolerate this sort of change because they consider that the usage of familiar font pattern is enough for school or college level works. If one is a blogger or writer, it not bad to use different fonts because it can be considered as an effort to escape from monotony. For a student, the first step to use two different fonts in the same piece of writing is to discuss the idea with the instructor/teacher. If the teacher allows, student can use two fonts from two different 'font-families' and inculcate vividness into the work as a whole. There is innumerable number of ideas to make one's writing look amazing because writers including students like to express their ideas in the form of words, with enough visual appeal.

7) Essay Writing strategy to impress the Admission board

Admission/Application Essays aim to assess the applicant's ability to present him or herself in the form of a personal statement. One can see that identification of an apt method to present oneself without much embellishment is enough to impress the Admission board/committee. Try to understand that a filled application for a course cannot help the college management to have deeper understanding on the applicant. Instead, an Admission/Application Essay can help the Admission board/committee to evaluate the applicant's worth, with less effort. Through the essay prepared by the applicant, the board or committee is trying to know more about the applicant's career aspiration, goals and ultimate aim. Applicant can make use of the essay to present his or her own ideas on learning filled with personal elements of thought. Applicants consider open-ended questions as a burden because it reduces the scope or objectivity or similar answers to the same question.

Applicants are expected to consider open-ended question related to an Admission/Application essay as a unique opportunity to project oneself in the limelight of individual freedom to write about oneself, from third person perspective. Applicant must focus upon the core aspect or the aim of the application, i.e. getting admission at a specific educational institution. Applicant is expected to prove that his or her admission can impact both the applicant and the educational institution. Never try to focus upon different aspects of personal qualities, but try to give prominence to a few qualities able to describe oneself as a whole. Explanation or detailing on the reason behind choosing a specific college or educational institution is a usual question assigned for Admission/Application essays. This question is framed to help the selection committee to identify the applicant's aim. Within this scenario, the applicant is expected to answer in a way that that specific college suits his or her taste and career aspirations. Applicant can further go on to describe future plans related to graduation or post-graduation.

Applicant must be able to prove that there is certain aim for applying for an educational program at that educational institution. For example, an applicant knows that there are expects in a certain department in a college. While applying for that course, applicant can try to prove that specific instructors at that department can enhance teaching-learning process and the same is the reason behind applying for that course. Some educational institutions/ colleges/universities may add discussion questions to assess the applicant's ability to go beyond the limits of traditional mode of thought. The admission committee expects the applicant's personal opinions and ideas, added with general facts. Mere creativity cannot help an applicant to deal with aforementioned type of question. Instead, general awareness and the ability to think without any hesitation and act accordingly can help an applicant to create positive impression among the members of the Admission board/committee.

8) Easier ways to deal with extra college assignments

A student who is forced to undergo emotional trauma related to any problem within his or her private and public domain cannot handle a college assignment with ease. One cannot predict what is going to happen on the next day because life is unpredictable. When students get extra college assignments, they can consider the same as an interesting chance to do something innovative and as a trouble. To be specific, one's attitude determines one's chance to consider an opportunity in its right sense or as an extra responsibility to be dealt with. Those who consider higher education as individual responsibility get immersed in part-time jobs and consider the same as the backbone of continuing education. They may not have enough time to deal with extra college assignments. Still, most of them manage to complete all their college assignments within limited time because they know the importance of time management.

The first step to deal with an extra college assignment is to condition one's mind or prepare one's mind. Foresee that an extra college assignment may be assigned at any time, disregarding one's easiness. No need to worry about how to deal with the extra assignment because anyhow the work needs to be completed without any delay. This sort of positive reinforcement can save one's time and energy, without pondering upon the thought on how to get rid of an extra assignment. Other students who get an extra assignment face the same problem, more or less. Then why to feel embarrassed? This is a usual process to complete assignments during college days and no one can avoid the same. Still, some ideas and tips can be helpful to reduce stress and complete an extra assignment with ease.

It is better to take short breaks after completing each section of an extra college assignment. But never try to elongate these short breaks because it may hinder the free flow of ideas to be used in the proposed assignments. Before taking short breaks, the student must plan the next schedule of writing because it is a professional approach towards education and related assignments. This can clear the student's mind from cluttering of ideas and can reduce the possibility of overtiredness. If one feels that extra assignment is really tiresome, take naps for at least 10-15 minutes. Naps can create refreshing feeling and boost up energy. Never try to consider nap as sleep or easy way to escape from assignments. To be specific, some students feel sleepy by seeing the topic of an assignment. This is not the proper way to deal with an extra college assignment. Remember that there is no easy way to deal with an assignment because it is supposed to complete individually. Never miss the proposed deadline because deadlines are yardsticks to measure one's efficiency.

9) 5 foolproof tactics to master creative writing

Creative writing is entirely different from the technical aspects of writing in any language. For instance, creative writing primarily depends upon the writer's creativity and the way the central theme or idea is dealt with. First of all, it is essential to realize the fact that creativity is an inborn talent and cannot be gained effortlessly. Still, the masterminds behind custom essay writing service deal with similar situations with ease because they are accustomed to do so. Some writers with less creativity are more popular than some other writers with creativity. The secret behind this fact is that the former group of writers is clever enough to market themselves as creative writers or they project themselves as creative. On the other side, creative writers provide importance to their individual freedom to write and provide less importance to the scope of self-marketing. Still, there are several foolproof tactics to have partial mastery on creative writing. Remember that creativity cannot be gained in its full sense, but can be learned partially from experts.

The first decision to be taken before preparing to master the tactics of creative writing is to start thinking from the perspective of the target audience. One can see that the ultimate aim of a piece of writing is to engage the reader in the process of reading without exerting much pressure. This can be easily achieved by understanding what the individual reader expects from a writer. The second idea is to identify the popular writings by others and go through the same to understand the secrets behind popularity. One can see that some popular writers follow the same pattern of writing, but the readers never complain. To be specific, eminent writers add the element of exaggeration into their works and it is essential to sustain the reader's interest in reading.

The third idea is to prepare headlines which can evoke curiosity among the audience and force them towards the proposed piece of writing. Some headlines may prove less interesting or dull. No problem, practice can help one to attain perfection in the art of writing for a cause. Try to divide the interesting aspect of the target topic under discussion and add the element of enthusiasm and surprise, an engaging headline is ready. The fourth idea is that writing must help the reader in some way or other. If it feels interesting to the writer, it can create in the reader's mind, for sure. If not, discard the topic and search for other interesting topics. The fifth idea is that the central idea must not be described in the introductory part, but keep it for using in the main body of the proposed writing. This central idea can be further divided into different segments and described in detail. The aforementioned ideas can be used to gain partial mastery over creative writing.

10) The simple writing that wins better result

Simplicity in writing is an important skill to be acquired by students, researchers and those who are interested in writing. People never like to read an ambiguous piece of writing because it is like getting entangled in cobweb for no use. Students who prepare their assignments in the form of papers have innovative ideas, but they may not have the skill to express the same in the form of simple writing. Then, what will be the end product and end result? For sure, end product will be a paper filled with important points and unwanted information, and one can guess the end result; less marks and low grades. How does this happen? Who is responsible for this problem? The answer is simple but difficult to follow.

To be specific, the student who prepared a confusing paper cannot expect an excellent result. For instance, simplicity added with simple words and sentence structure must be the background of a paper expecting good marks or high grade. When students go through research papers, they identify complex words and sentence structure. Students must realize that research papers are prepared by experts in related fields. If a student tries to imitate the word and sentence structure from a research paper, the instructor may face extreme difficulty to check the same. Besides, teachers consider students as those who are learning the basics of research, not eminent researchers who can conduct research and prepare lengthy research papers.

So, it is better to select simple topics suitable to amalgamate simplicity in words, usages, and sentence structure. Some students consider that usage of pedantic, literary and technical terms can elevate their completed papers into excellence. This is totally wrong because instructors know the caliber of their students. If students try to imitate eminent writers by copying certain terms and usages, instructors can easily identify it. The basic rule behind simple writing is to identify a simple topic and ponder upon it. Take notes related to the ideas unmasked from the tireless process of thought. Make use of the notes as the backbone of the points to be used for further research. After completing the research, elaborate the points by making use of the ideas derived from extensive research. Try to complete the target paper in simple words and sentences, without allowing any space for confusion. This strategy can help one to master the art of simple writing and it helps one to win better results, for sure.

11) Stunning examples of beautiful writing

One need not misunderstand that writing an essay or custom paper is an easier process in which the writer or student collects information and rephrases the same. The aforementioned tactics is the basic idea to deal with a proposed paper, but with differences in practical sense. Collecting information from a number of sources and rephrasing the same cannot help a student to prepare and excellent paper. Instead, student must have clear-cut idea on the process of preparing a paper. Teachers can identify rephrased areas in a paper with ease because they deal with hundreds of completed works in a daily basis. Teachers expect their students to have the ability to analyze the main points related to a target topic under discussion and to attain their own conclusions.

Some students are able to gain high grades and some others try to gain the same, but for vain. How this happen? Those who are able to gain high grades know the basics of analysis, they never beat around the bush but go straight into the core of the topic under discussion. They choose apt topics and collect relevant information to complete the same within deadline. They consider assignments and related papers as an opportunity to prove their mastery over the subject and language and to display their skills in writing. After completing a paper, they allow more time for proofreading and editing. They double-check everything before submission and this helps them to gain high grades. Without taking this much effort, it is foolish to expect excellent performance.

So, those who consider 'beautiful' writing as a mirage must try to go through a number of assignments prepared by successful students. If they do not gain access to similar assignments, they can make use of the Web as a medium. There are thousands of custom papers uploaded by experts as samples. Besides, students can choose from templates and start working on the proposed paper. Once more, students are expected to consider each assignment as an opportunity to exhibit their analytical ability. Students must realize the fact that imitation cannot help them while preparing an assignment, but innovation added with imagination can. In this way, students can transform their completed works into stunning examples of beautiful writing.

12) Master the art of writing with these 6 tips

The Web is flooded with tips and tricks to equip students to deal with the process of completing assignments in limited time intervals. Its effectiveness is arbitrary because students are different in taste, intelligence and aptitude. A student who is bright in languages may not prove bright in subjects like math. For instance, students can have assistance from those who deal custom essay writing service and prepare their essays with less effort. So, one cannot prove that there is a unanimous idea to help the students to have mastery over writing. Still, students can test different ideas and choose the apt idea on permanent basis.

  • The first tip which can be used while writing is, think from the reader's perspective to understand the piece of writing. To be specific, if the writer cannot understand his or her piece of writing, how the reader can understand the same?
  • The second tip is to consider a piece of writing as a painting. One can see that there is no use to describe a painting because detailed description is inherent in the same. Similarly, by reading a piece of writing, the reader must be able to create a picture in his or her mind.
  • The third tip is to keep everything simple. One can see that readers like to go through simple sentences because complex sentences distract reader's attention. Still, students can make use of similes and other usages to make the piece of writing an attractive one. It is not a hard task for a student to make everything simple in writing.
  • The fourth tip is to find anything interesting related to writing. For example, students who are interested in collecting information can consider writing as a process to collect information. If one is interested in calligraphy, notes can be taken down in calligraphic mode.
  • The fifth tip is to show readiness to accept criticism as an opportunity to improve, not to stop writing. If the teacher or the readers criticize, some writers or students may lose their temper. This is not the proper way to deal with criticism. When one feels that there is something genuine in criticism, it is essential to go through the completed work and try to rectify the mistake. This can increase the effectiveness of writing because writer or student can discard the area under criticism in future writings.
  • The sixth tip is that writing is a non-stop process, demanding improvement from the writer. If one decides to write for a cause, never stop because continuous writing can be helpful in the long run.

13) Foolproof techniques to prepare catchy titles and captions

Nowadays, titles determine the effectiveness of any piece of writing, whether an essay or news paper article. To be specific, international news agencies are aware of the fact that they cannot neglect the scope of the Internet and its influence among the mass. For instance, newspapers are losing importance because everything is available on the Web. So, they decided that it is essential to link information with the elements of entertainment and a new word named as 'infotainment' emerged. News reporters and editors are forced to unmask the entertainment value of every incident. When news is presented to the readers or viewers, it is important to attract them by making use of catchy titles, especially in online news portals. If the title or caption cannot attract the reader, circulation will drop, for sure.

While preparing titles for proposed pieces of writing, students can adopt the aforementioned idea to surprise their teachers. But it is important to state the aim clearly because teachers hate ambiguity. Students can transform their headings or titles into announcements because it can attract the reader's attention. To be specific, human beings like to provide attention to announcements because they listen to different announcements in their daily life. Readers like to learn new things, especially 'life hack' sort things. To be specific, human beings like to listen to information that may prove helpful in daily life. Even simple tips on household things can ignite enthusiasm in a homemaker's mind. So, writer must be able to find out information or ideas that attract the mass.

Try to identify a number of topics with social relevance. For instance, tips to keep oneself from the influence of passive-smoking are unique, but tip to help one to stop smoking is cliché. The writer is expected to find out the element of excitement and surprise in a piece of information and must be able to extract its essence and prepare an attractive and thought provoking headline. Information share by the writer must be relevant and apt to the context and must be useful for the reader. Most readers search for unique and useful information and this habit is easily exploited by eminent writers and news reporters. To be specific, they make use of hooks to attract the readers towards the piece of writing prepared to meet a purpose.

14) It is not just about skill: here's what actually makes a great writer

While one is going deeper into a piece of writing, several questions may pop-up, some questions may get answers and some stay unanswered. Why this happen? Is it important or possible for a writer to foresee all the questions come into the minds of the readers? If, how to deal with this and how to overcome it? Eminent writers adopt different methods to align their themes in their works.

If the piece of writing is in the form of an essay, the writer will start the same with a generalized tone and go deeper into specific points. If the piece of writing is in the form of an academic essay, the writer includes the relevance of the topic in the opening section and continues with main points. This is the expected logical progression in different forms of writing. Having skill is okay, but unused skill is wastrel of creativity. Those who are with language skills can easily deal with the process of writing. Still, students like to be in safe-zones and hesitate to go beyond the limits of traditional mode of writing.

Students are expected to realize that the ultimate aim of an essay or any other piece of writing is to ponder upon its scope. Unless ample data is added with the points in a piece of writing, readers may get distracted because data helps readers to generalize the subject matter under discussion with similar writings. To be specific, data means credibility and this increases the credibility of the completed piece of writing. Readers expect some life lessons from great writers because they are supposed to have wider spectrum of experiences in real life. After going through an essay or similar work, the reader must not feel that the same is incomplete. To be specific, writers must conclude their works in a satisfactory manner by summing up all the main points and generalizing it. So, all the aforementioned points make a great writer and a newbie is expected to gain the same through experience.

15) 5 Instant solutions for achieving your writing goals

The famous quote, "Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass", by the world renowned writer named as Anton Chekhov, proves the importance of the aim of writing in different contexts of life. One can make use of writing skill to create technically perfect pieces of writing. If one is able to set a goal, one is responsible to attain the same by making use of the available resources.

People write to accomplish different tasks with differences in difficulty level. For instance, a journalist's task is to select the entertainment value of a piece of information. On the other side, a business manager expects accurate description of data in a project report. The first point related to one's writing goal is to determine the reason behind writing. This can help one to focus upon the topic under discussion. The second point is to realize the relevance of time in writing because enough time must be given to complete the process of writing. The third point is to take decision on which type of writing one can have mastery. For instance, students can easily deal with descriptive type of writing.

The fourth point is to prepare a relevant plan to complete the proposed piece of writing. One can see that planning is most important within the scenario of writing because it reduces several problems related to ambiguous form of writing. The fifth and final point is that writer is expected to implement the plan (blue print for writing), by allowing oneself to undergo all the processes related to writing, editing, proofreading, indentifying and rectifying the mistakes, and double checking everything once more before publishing or uploading the completed work or paper. So, the aforementioned ideas or points can be considered as instant ways or solutions to achieve one's goals related to writing.

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